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  • 2018/11/08
    XELTEK takes the lead in supporting Shenzhen Chipsbank Technologies capacitive full-function touch keystroke chip (CBM73XX) to support the promotion of smart home.
  • 2018/11/08
    XELTEK takes the lead in supporting HiTrend Technology Intelligent Meter Chip (HT861X,HT863X) to support the promotion of smart grid terminal equipment.
  • 2018/11/08
    XELTEK fully supports CYPRESS automotive TrueTouch CYAT8168X controllers and the promotion of the large screen HMI market for powered vehicles.
  • 2018/02/05
    The family is the ideal platform for a wide range of automotive applications such as the control of combustion engines, electrical and hybrid vehicles, transmission control units, chassis domains, braking systems, electric power steering systems, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems.AURIX™ is Infineon’s current family of microcontrollers serving exactly the needs of the automotive industry in terms of performance and safety. Its innovative multicore architecture, based on up to three independent 32-bit TriCore™ CPUs, has been designed to meet the highest safety standards while increasing the performance at the same time.
  • 2018/02/05

    In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, our company is scheduled for holiday which is from 12,February to 25,February. We will be back to work on 26, February.


  • 2017/01/24

    In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, our company is scheduled for holiday which is from 25,January to 5,February. We will be back to work on 6, February.


  • 2015/02/09

    In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, our company is scheduled for holiday which is from 14, February . to 24,February. We will be back to work on 25, February.


  • 2014/11/17
    SUPERPRO/611S Universal Programmer Major Update Notice
    Xeltek is pleased to announce a major software update for its popular universal programmer SP611S. More than 10k types of devices are added in the support list. <More Detail Device List>

  • 2013/10/15
    Whirpool, the largest US appliance manufacturer, selected IS01 as their preferred programmer model.
  • 2013/07/25
    Best solution for in-system programming(ISP) of multi-board panels.Superpro/XPS01 in-system programming station is built with multiple 16 channel ISP programmers, customer-spefific board fixture and powerful control software. Up to 80 PCB boards can be programmed in parallel. Up to 10k UPH production can be expected.
  • 2013/07/25
    Newly comes 16 Channel universal ISP programmer Superpro/IS03. Programs 16 pcs chips in parallel. Support almost all serial protocol devices you can find and some of parallel devices like NAND/NOR FLASH and eMMC.
  • 2013/07/25
    Xeltek annouced proudly that Superpro/SB03,new member of Superpro/SB family automated device programmers is released. Built with 8 new generation universal programmers Superpro/7000,up to 32 sockets, dual tape feeders, raises the production rate greatly, especially for large size memory devices like eMMC, NAND and serial FLASH.
  • 2013/06/19
    Xeltek Superpro series device programmers newly support Infineon XMC1100,XMC1200,XMC1300 and XMC4500 series devices.
    You can find total solution in Xeltek for off-line and In-system , manual and automated programming.
  • 2013/06/18
    To my dear customers:This week 6/20 22:00 PM ~ 6/21 6:00 AM, Our web server will be adjusted ,at this time ,web server will be colsed, please prepare in advance.
  • 2013/06/06
    The infineon XMC4500 series industry-standard ARM® Cortex™-M4 core, have been supported on our programmer(SP5000/SP5004/SP6000/SP6004).
  • 2013/04/18
    Newly released Superpro/FT01 device programmer for FTDI USB slave converter devices.
  • 2013/04/01

  • 2013/03/21
    P+V times of PIC32MX695F512L is now reduced to 35S, speed one time faster than Microchip programmer.
  • 2013/03/20
    xeltek support new devices:
    Synaptics,S2200,Touch Controller
    Silicon Laboratories,S4010,SOC RF TRANSMITTER
  • 2012/6/14
    Today, XELTEK supported 80000 PCs of programable chips, industry number one.
  • 2012/5/10
    Superpro/7000 program Emmc device,the working time are below(Program+Verify)
  • 2011/07/12
    Superpro series device programmers support over 70K types of devices,keep leading in the industry.
  • 2010/08/26
    Newly supported TI TMS320F2802X series DSP devices. More will be supported soon.
  • 2010/06/03
    Superpro series device programmers support over 60k types of devices,keep leading in the industry.
  • 2010/04/26
    SUPERPRO/6000 ultra-high speed universal device programmer released.Functions and performance same to SUPERPRO/5000 ,the difference
  • 2010/01/06
    Superpro software newly added support of Vietnamese and Persian, totally 11 languages supported.
  • 2009/12/18
    JTAG algorithm finalized for STM32F105/107 series. Programming speed raised by 500%.
  • 2009/10/10
    A new generation of Xeltek programmers fully supports STMicroelectronics' STM8S family of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers and offers mass production programming solutions for a variety of development and design requirements.
  • 2009/04/02
    Xeltek SUPERPRO 5000 and SUPERPRO 5004GP took the lead in supporting NAND programming based on XSR Datang's TD-SCDMA mobile terminals and MICRON MBBM's TD-SCDMA Mobile terminals.
  • 2009/02/03
    Xeltek launched SUPERPRO IS01 which is designed for in circuit programming with hand-held independent and on-line operations.
  • 2008/10/31
    SUPERPRO H16 officially changed its name to SuperBOT H16. The future automatic programmer series will use this brand.
  • 2008/10/24
    One World, One SuperproBot
    Affordable Desktop Auto Device Programmer
  • 2008/10/23
    Important Software Update Notice

    Model: Superpro 5004GP , Superpro 5004EGP
  • 2008/05/14
    Xeltek successfully provided a complete Blu-ray DVD burning solution for Broadcom. Previously, the company had also provided complete solutions for Qualcomm, Samsung’s commercial products, including 2G/3G mobile phone, PDA, GPS, wireless network card and other devices.
  • 2008/03/12
    Xeltek launched a new automatic IC programming system. The equipment uses automatic mechanical chip capture with standard 4 independent programmer modules. The maximum number of programmer modules can be expanded to 16. The high efficiency system is especially suitable for manufacturers with mass production requirements. It is now available for pre-order.
  • 2008/02/17
    Xeltek is launching a free mass production programming event for manufactures.
    Time limited Event. Please contact us for details and register as soon as possible.
    Phone: 025-52765203. Email:
  • 2007/12/12
    New generation programmers,SUPERPRO 5000 and SUPERPRO 5004GP, extremely high speed, best choice for volume production.
  • 2007/11/29
    SP9000 system software urgent update. This update solved 2 problems existed in old s/w. (Update Steps & Detail).
  • 2007/08/31
    More Sirf globe IC are supported.
  • 2007/07/27
    Superpro now supports more than 40,000 devices ,click device list for detail.
  • 2007/06/18
    The new website completes and issue, welcome everybody debug, if you have any questions, please contact with us:
  • 2007/04/07
    Install programmers drives under windows Vista .(Pdf file)
  • 2007/01/24
    More Samsung microcontrollers are supported.
  • 2006/12/06
    Algorithms for Spansion Mirror series FLASH devices were updated. Yield rate be raised greatly.Please update now.
  • 2006/06/09
    SUPERPRO in Iran Tehran ELECOMP Exhibition .photograph..
  • 2006/05/08
    Xeltek was invited to take part at Componex/electronic Russia 2006 International Conference and Exhibition of Electronic Components.
    Photo:R1  R2  R3  R4  R5
  • 2005/11/20
    M1  M2  M3  M4  M5  M6  M7
  • 2005/07/13
    Xeltek was invited to take part in Renesas Forum in Beijing and Shanghai as a certificated third-party programming tool vendor.
  • 2005/03/28
    Sole support: UOCIIII Series IC from Philips.
  • 2004/06/04

  • 2004/05/31
    Device Support Search on website added recently.
  • 2004/05/26
    Newly available ISP function on USB series programmers. With a ISP cable (10 way IDC box header) user can program the chips on his target board. Devices have been and will be supported are AVR & MegaAVR, AT89S, Microchip PIC, NSC COP, ST7 microcontroller, 24/25/93 serial EEPROM and CPLD/EPLD with JTAG port.
  • 2004/02/16
    Customers are cordially invited to visit us at Componex/electronic India 2004 9th International Conference and Exhibition of Electronic Components, Materials and Production Equipment, during 12-15 February 2004 at Hall No.6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.
  • 2004/02/06
    XELTEK invite us take part in Embedded World 2004 exhibition Nuernberg in Germany.
  • 2003/12/24
    Added Logical Test function on USB series programmers SUPERPRO/3000U/580U/280U.
  • 2003/12/12
    SUPERPRO/680 has been supported 10000+ devices .
  • 2003/08/18
    USB Universal Device Programmer SUPERPRO/280u,SUPERPRO/580u is released today.
  • 2003/05/28
    SUPERPRO/3000: USB Interfaced Ultra-high Speed Stand-alone Universal Device Programmer is released today.
  • 2003/04/18
  • 2003/03/11
    Motorola 68HC908QT/QY series MCUs newly supported by SUPERPRO.
  • 2003/03/02
    SST 49 Series and Intel 82802AA/AB/AC are supported by all SUPERPRO series programmers.
  • 2003/02/14
    XELTEK shipped 100 PCS SUPERPRO/2000+ to Lucent USA in February.
  • 2002/04/27
    XELTEK is proud to introduce four new programmers, SUPERPRO/8000, SUPERPRO/2000+, SUPERPRO/680, SUPERPRO/580, and SUPERPRO/280.

    SUPERPRO/8000 is a High Performance Stand Alone Gang Programmer which allows eight chips to be programmed simultaneously.
    SUPERPRO/2000+ is a High Speed 48pin Standalone/ PC Driven Dual Mode Programmer.
    SUPERPRO/580 is an Advanced Compact Universal Programmer which supports more than 7500+ devices and highly versatile.

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